英倫移民Janine Miu#49【BNO簽證最新更新】

英倫移民Janine Miu#49【BNO簽證最新更新】


(Extracted from BNO visa guidance p.26-27)

1)You should check whether dependants have applied within 48 hours of the main applicant unless the concession below applies.


2)It is permissible for the BN(O) status holder’s spouse or partner and dependent child under 18 to apply for the Hong Kong BN(O) route separately from the lead applicant. For example, this includes any children born whilst their parents are on the BN(O) route; you should grant them permission on the route in line with that of their parents’.


3)Additionally, if a BN(O) status holder meets a new partner after a grant of permission on the BN(O) route, their partner would be able to come to the UK, providing they otherwise meet the requirements for a dependant partner on the route.


4)Some applicants may have staggered their applications so that one parent moves to the UK first to arrange affairs before the other parent and children join them; this would also be permissible under this concession.


5)However, if a BN(O) status holder is granted entry clearance or permission to stay and a BN(O) Household Member or BN(O) adult dependent relative makes a subsequent application, you should refuse the application.



「之前移民局一直強調,申請人需要以整個家庭(family unit)一起申請,如果家屬沒有在48小時內一起申請,之後將不會獲批。」



Guidance for Hong Kong British National (Overseas) (BNO) route:


繆曉彤 Janine Miu

繆曉彤 Janine Miu


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